Come Back To Me
By bcars12
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"What do you mean? Was it a mistake?" He asked completely off topic. He was curious now. How could she do that and regret it later? "It... I don't know." She sighed. "All I know was that I wanted to kiss you. But obviously you don't feel the same." Clarke didn't meet his eyes. It would hurt her too much knowing she admired him in a way he doesn't for her. But Bellamy had other ideas. Before he could think twice about what he was about to do, he leaned forward desperately placing his lips on hers. It was urgent but sweet at the same time. Clarke sat there, eyes open, astounded. She almost didn't know how to react, she completely froze, but then it all came crashing upon her. Bellamy was kissing her. Why? She didn't know. But she liked the way his lips felt on hers. Bellamy, who was desperately hoping she would kiss him back, pulled away, seeing as she didn't kiss him back. He felt stupid, maybe it was a mistake, for both of them. "Sorry." He went to stand when Clarke grabbed his arm pulling him back down and connecting their lips again. He was shocked but instantly responded, kissing back urgently. He deepened it, tilting his head, licking her lips, asking for entry. She complied and he didn't waste a moment to slide his tongue into her mouth. They kissed until they were out of breath. Bellamy leaned his forehead on Clarke's as they caught their breaths. He looked her in the eyes, grinning. "Your mine now princess." She smiled then connected their lips again. This time, taking their time... ---------- Currently in the process of editing, but will make sure to keep people updated if anything big happens. ---------- Ranks: #1: bellarke 8th June 2019 #7: the100 4th July 2019 #3: bellarkefanfiction 10th July 2019 #7: newworld 11th July 2019 #5: bellarke 9 March 2020

Part 1: Hate but Admire

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Come Back...
by bcars12