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By AdamRotstein
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Time Travel is hard. You have to pick the right cave to sleep in, know which food stall to avoid so you don't get the plague, find the best deal on Togas, not get eaten by dinosaurs, all while making sure you adhere to all the local customs so you don't accidentally create a catastrophic time failure bringing on the end of the Universe as we know it. If you only have one chance to see the Gettysburg Address, you want to make sure you get the best seat. So, you can either spend several months researching every last aspect of where and when you're going, or you can let Althea Gweep, the newest reviewer at InterHypoMegaTravoPlexCorp be your guiding light. She is eager to make sure you have the best time, during all the different times. Pack light.

Wednesday April 1st, 33 CE - Near the Temple Mount

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Right Pla...
by AdamRotstein