Kidnapped by the Ma...
By Pandasloveromance2
  • Romance
  • betrayal
  • deceit
  • love
  • mafia
  • mature
  • naughty
  • romance
  • sexual
  • twists


For mature readers does have sex and violence. Pain, betrayal, loss, and love Melanie Renall's is thrown into a world she had never known from the lonely lost one she has lived with here parents for years. Moving around the US as her parents write there lives in different town were no one treats her like a living person but an outsider for being one of the poor. In hopes one night her parents move to a city she always dreamed of to find she is the one moving this time to a boarding school none the less. Only she never makes it to the airport and is taken for a more unexpected purpose that turns her life upside down for a man harder then stone. Will she run at any chance that appears or will she succumb to the devilishly handsome Prince. Is love in the cards for them or will she find herself with a broken heart from his arrogant's? Time will tell as events change there lives forever in a twist of fate. Will the deceit, cover up's, and scandals, they uncover throw them apart by other's or bring the two together in the web of liars that is the Mafia? Love or Death that is the question?


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by Pandasloveromance2