Beg For It
By _himeros_
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#1- baby daddy 11/22/18 #1- consensual 06/12/18 #2 - survivor 07/27/19 #3- sexualthemes 06/09/19 "Want to know how I felt when I woke up and saw the beautiful woman I had fucked raw the night before, gone?" I'm on the edge, tears dripping down my face, the wet sound of his balls smacking against my ass echoes throughout the room. "I was enraged." I sob out, pushing against him as I cum harder than I have in my entire life, my release spreading down my thighs and it takes all my strength away." - - - - - - Elizabeth Nadir has never had control. All of her life she has been the controlled and never the controller. Those who held power over her always did what was best for them and in the end, it almost got her killed. After escaping the hell created by the ones closest to her she vows to never let another man control her again. Now she is on the run with her four-year-old son and taking whatever means possible to make sure they survive. Even if it means stealing from one of the most powerful and deadliest men in the country, unintentionally. Silas Jonathon Wolfe has always had control and he feeds off of dominating in every aspect of life. When he meets a woman who fights for control just as much as he feeds from it, it drives the darkness inside of him mad. But feelings are pushed aside when he wakes from his one-night stand with his most prized possessions missing along with a flash drive that could ruin everything. If things get worse for wear, he'll have to kill to make sure the flash drive is returned before anyone finds out the secrets it keeps. Now he just has to find her. - - - - - - Hey, mama's little hoes, you asked for it and now you got it. This was a one-shot previously known as "I'm Sorry" and now it's a book. Wow. As expected from the fucking description, this is mature. Like hella mature, +18, so I don't want any surprised comments when I just warned you. Mama loves ya now, yea hear? Have fun.

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Beg For It
by _himeros_