The St. Cat's Chron...
By katyceciandalyswolfe
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Audrey is returning to the private school campus she has known since kindergarten. Elise joins twenty new freshmen, new to the school and unsure what to expect. After all, the rumors about St. Catherine's are rampant, and not all are good. Strict, academically challenging, and full of snobby rich girls. That's what the kids at all the other schools in the area say. Audrey thinks nothing will change this year; new girls would come, some would go, but the ones with whom she has grown up would stick to the same cliques and the same drama. She loves the school and the nuns in charge, but all-girls means mood swings that strike entire grades and certain personalities that fight to dominate. When Audrey and Elise find their locker assignments side by side on the first day of school, the warhorse and the rookie strike an unlikely alliance as their freshman year unfolds, with surprises and disappointments along the way. *This is a companion sequel serial to The Competition, during which Mary Sofia and Jada are seniors at St. Cat's. They are not main characters, however, and will make very few and brief appearances.

Chapter 1: The First Day, or What Shoes to Wear

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The St. C...
by katyceciandalyswolfe