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"Anything can happen when no one is looking." // 2nd Place Thriller/Horror - The OMP Awards // 2nd Place Mystery/Thriller - The 3rd Ohana Awards Living in a small town with her aunt and harbouring a mysterious past, Jenna Reide is counting down the days until she can leave Final Pointe for good. When a strange young man transfers to her school for their senior year, she finds herself in a whirlwind of events that lead her to the desolate coastal mountains in the dead of night. There, Jenna's entire existence will change. Taken under the wing of a dark and terrible force, Jenna must decide whether she will fight for the survival of the universe and everyone in it, or if she will give in to the absolute power that she has found. No matter what she chooses, she is being hunted by intergalactic beings who are desperate to stop her -- before her powers can destroy the universe. "Absolutely chilling." - @MclaineMoran

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by caybailey