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"Anything can happen when no one is looking." // 2nd Place Thriller/Horror - The OMP Awards // 2nd Place Mystery/Thriller - The 3rd Ohana Awards Jenna Reide is travelling without motion; stuck in a sleepy seaside town with her mother and aunt, she knows absolutely nothing about the world - except that she wants to see all of it. With only seventeen years to her name and rapidly approaching adulthood, Jenna realizes that the only way she will ever be able to escape the town that time forgot is to work hard and plan for the future she wants - life where there's plenty of people and adventures to go on with them. She knows that the people around her are only distractions, and spends all of her time working as a local bookshop's assistant, avoiding relationships at all costs - romantic or otherwise. Life seems to have different plans for Jenna: When a mysterious young man known only as "W" transfers to her school for the senior year, she finds herself in a whirlwind of events that leads her to the desolate coastal mountains in the dead of night. There, Jenna's entire existence will change. A fallen meteor has the power to destroy and create - but what will it choose for her? After bringing the meteorite home, she begins to find that odd things are starting to happen, and it's all because of her. Jenna must find a way to deal with the consequences of her unlikely discovery before they upend her life for good.

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by caybailey