She Will Persist
By dragonflyashes
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"I'm not feisty I just don't care for people's shit." Adira Bowman is an ex- mind-controlled assassin who got herself captured by a secret all-boys spy agency. The director of the agency now wants her to become an agent, put her skills to use and have her train among his ragtag crew of smirking rebels scarred with tragedy, fighting mafia bosses and tracking master assassins. And he has sent a very crafty agent her age to recruit her. Soon Adira stumbles into a dark agency secret; the hushed tragedy of a forbidden romance. She's put on a demonic terrorism case with a group of boys who only have spying in common. And the boy who recruited her originally, well, he might just actually be able to get her to finally forgive herself for everything she has ever done. Amidst tracing the origins of nuclear bombs and a stopping a terrorist attack, feelings may be kindled and rekindled... Will Adira persist insisting that she deserves to be punished, or will she get caught up in a world of spying, lying, hiding, befriending, forgiving and...loving?

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She Will...
by dragonflyashes