Rejecting Royalty
By responsiblyinsane
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[COMPLETED] When the war between the Lycan government and the rebels broke out, the Royal family was their only target: Take the Royal family down then the kingdom will shatter to pieces. The thing is, the rebels failed miserably. The King survived and the Princess has escaped... ~.~ "I have to- I have to reject you." He stared at me with remorse all over his face and I knew- I know he didn't want to. I know he was forced into this. I look past him and see the former alpha staring at me as if ready for me to pick a fight. "Why?" I look my mate in the eyes, my voice coming out clear and strong, everything I was not feeling at the moment. "For the pack. I- I'm sorry Sapphire but we need the alliance treaty..." he trailed off. He isn't even looking at me anymore. He's planting lasers on the ground as if willing it to swallow him whole. I clench my fists and breathe out. "So this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm an omega?" This brings his head up and with the guilt all over his face, I just laugh instead. A dry humorless laugh. " Don't worry, I Sapphire Blu Curio accept your rejection wholeheartedly. From now on we are strangers, nothing more; I deny the gift of the moon Goddess. I will also accept the consequences whenever the Goddess deem fit." With that, I step back and walk away with my shoulders straight and my head held high. [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]

PROLOGUE: Duty vs Love

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by responsiblyinsane