Yusei Fudo(Yu-Gi-Oh...
By NicoleWilliamsEgderp
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" Come here ", she grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bathroom which was luckily connected to my office, so there were no awkward glances from anyone. " Nicole what are you- ah.. ", a small moan got out of my mouth as I didn't expect Nicole to grope my length as soon as she closed the bathroom door. But she didn't stop there, oh no. She smirked at me almost evily but unbearably sexy at the same time, and got on her knees undoing my belt quickly and pulling my pants and boxers down in one swift move. " What does it look like I'm doing? Helping you, of course.. ", she replied with a smirk, enveloping her fingers around my length.. OOC Yusei ahead xD i mean, if u dont think he would actually do all this that is ;)

Imagine Number 1.- In the middle of the night

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Yusei Fud...
by NicoleWilliamsEgderp