Designs of Love (TP...
By pseudoannie
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(Complete) When Jennifer Dixon entered their impeccably decorated apartment, she was glad it was quiet and empty. She could call home. She missed her mother and father. When she went into the bedroom to change, she found Sterling in their bed and he wasn't alone. Shocked, her heart was pounding as she said, "I'm calling Sydney to tell her that we're taking the project..." Alex Goodwin really didn't think his day could get any worse? It did when Sydney Thompson called to say that some big deal designer was coming up from New York City to do work on the house he was building. By the time he reached The Point, it was way past noon. His head was throbbing and he was starving. He walked into The Landing and Rick was not there. Instead a strange woman was behind the counter. Betrayed Jen left New York to go home to her family on The Point. The last thing she expected was have to work with a builder who seemed to hate her as much as she hated him. Ranked #1 Builder, infidelity, divorce, frienemy, break up #4 adultfiction

Designs Of Love

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Designs o...
by pseudoannie