The Greatest Loss
By a2h1ey
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Green was almost eleven, and he had finally achieved his dream. That night Green fell asleep when his chest started to hurt too much, when the ground was stained with blood, when it was too much effort to live. Notes: 1) Lots of Headcanons are used 2) I use Green Oak instead of Blue 3) Trigger Warnings? Check Tags 4) This can be either Original/Nameless-Shipping, or it can be read as Friendship; either way neither really appear except at the beginning and ending of the story, anyways. :P 5) Very Green-Centric, if you haven't noticed ...Let me know if you want any clarifications or anything? I spent a week editing this (though it took less than half a day to write) but it still has some kind-of unclear parts to it... (Oh, and I don't know how cancer is handled; I apologize in advance if this is all unrealistic, but I tried.)

The Greatest Loss

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The Great...
by a2h1ey