Finding Mr. Jameson...
By shayxxlove
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Cassandra Ashford's life hasn't been easy. By the age of 19 she is already a mother to a beautiful little girl and has sustained a lifetime's worth of heartbreak from boys and family. Now, she has begun to put the past behind her and move on with her life. She is dating again, managing a restaurant she has worked in for years, and taking care of her daughter. The last thing she needs is anything to complicate her life. That is exactly what happens when Derick Jameson, the father of her child and love of her life, turns back up after years of silence. Cassandra's life is turned upside down once again. Will Cassandra be able to forgive Derick for leaving the first time around? Will Derick be able to forgive Cassandra for keeping their daughter a secret? Will he be able to accept his responsibilities as a father or will he run again? With things and people working to keep them apart, will the love they once found within each other be able to survive? Or will it rip them apart for good?

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Finding M...
by shayxxlove