The Bad Boy Has A C...
By LovingChevronPrint
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Hey guys! So I decided to edit this book because I wrote this book when I was in 8th grade. It was my first time and HEY I'm sorry for all the poor grammar. I'm just warning you, this is probably such a crappy book! The story will still be the same, but I will just fix some parts. See you! xxx Heather Maddison is the most popular, prettiest, and richest girl in L.A. Boys like her and girls want to be like her. She may be rich, popular, and pretty, but she also got brains. Enter- Aiden Knight is a cocky and arrogant player who also seems to be a smart bad boy. Yes you heard it, SMART. He has a dark secret which involves Heather. Follow Aiden and Heather's journey through a crazy roller-coaster ride. xxx "Why do you only have one letter? You usually have a lot." Ciara asked. I guess Aiden thretened them to back off. "I don't know," I said. I opened the letter and my skin went pale. "Heather? Why do you look like you just saw a puppy get killed?" I immediately ran to Aiden. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! "Aiden!" I screamed in the hallway. People might think I was some crazy lunatic. I saw Aiden laughing with Zach and some jocks leaning on the walls. I tapped his shoulder and didn't notice it was me. "What?" his tone in annoyance. "Oh, hi babe," he kissed my cheek and I pushed the letter to him. "Read this," He got the letter and his face was filled with concern. "I LIKE YOU-N," he read.

Chapter 1- Heather (edited)

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The Bad B...
by LovingChevronPrint