Rescue Of Zack
By NiveditasDiary
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Genre: Adventure / Detective 'A Tale Of Friendship, Secrets, and Crime' This is a story of Annabelle, a sophmore and her friends Marissa, Jason, and Kevin. What planned as a normal and fun camping trip turned out to be a heck of an adventure when they all tried to save Zack from his own family - a twisted and manipulative family - which can go to extreme lengths - even murders - to get what they want. They didn't know what this trip had in store for them - accusations, manipulations, disguises, threats - were just the beginning. When the family threatened to kill them if they meddled in, will the four friends still continue to save Zack's life or will they back out? The four of them have to act fast and think on their toes. Will they be able to save Zack in time?

Chapter 1: Plans Over Pizza

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Rescue Of...
by NiveditasDiary