Rise and Fall
By ashleighxmaree
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Life has reinvented the definition of rock bottom so many times for twenty-six-year-old Sadie Blake. With each revised edition, Sadie believes herself skilled enough to bury those rocks a fraction deeper in her memory. . . . but Life is much better at Hide and Seek than Sadie Blake ever was. Sadie has spent her entire life as the carer for those around her - her mother, when she was being abused by her obsessively-drunk stepfather; her younger siblings, when the yelling and crying got too loud; her boyfriend, who would have done anything for her; her other boyfriend, who needed her for everything; and her eleven-year-old nephew, Madden, who she has cared for every day since she was sixteen when her stepsister took off in the dead of night without a word. Madden, noticing that his Aunt Sadie has been more sad than usual, encourages her to get some help to talk through all the sadness that has haunted her through the years; but Sadie is finding the process of trudging through her past to be a lot more challenging than she anticipated.

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Rise and...
by ashleighxmaree