Dangerous Letters
By iriswinter
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Dear Reader, This letter serves less as a preface to what you are about to read, and more as a cautionary warning. For this is a dark, terrible tale and though I must suffer further as its caretaker, you need not burden yourself with what lies within. Enclosed are a number of letters, penned sometime in the late eighteenth century, and written by a woman known only as Charlotte B------. My research tells me that she is a governess, born to a wealthy family who fell on hard times, forcing her to seek employment at the chateau from where these letters were sent. I firmly stand by my appraisal that these Dangerous Letters - as they have been dubbed - tell the absolute truth of what happened to Charlotte in that terrible place. This is my purpose of presenting the document to the university public; as the Judge might once have heard it, so the Reader shall hear it now. Should you decide to turn to more pleasant reading, I certainly could not blame you. The world can be a sombre and unforgiving place without having to reflect on its grimmest parts. The choice to continue, Reader, is entirely your own. Yours faithfully, Prof. Samuel Collins

Introductory Letter

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by iriswinter