The Chameleon and T...
By blue0704
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'Shit', he shouted mentally when he felt that something or someone is in front of him. He refused to move, even though he cannot, because he felt very weak. A chain sounded and he felt himself being lowered to the ground. He tried to stand, but his legs cannot support him that he fell on a heap with a hoarse cry. He felt the cuff on his wrist being open and he was free, but he found it is difficult to move, his arms and legs are cramped from being in one position for so long. He felt someone tried to pick him up but did so with difficulty. He didn't know if it is just his imagination, but the person helping him seems smaller than him, like a woman. His hunch was true when he suddenly heard a voice, a whisper, of a woman. "Help me will you, caro. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for me to take you out of this hellhole." ‐---------------------------------------------- This is the story of Oliver and the third book on the Anderson Family Series. -------- This story is fictional, any resemblance to a person or place is purely coincidental. Do not copy.


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The Chame...
by blue0704