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His eyes darkened as the dainty little human parted out from the shadows and into the moonlight. Never in his three-hundred-years of living had he ever seen a human so helpless. In fact, he hadn't seen a human since a few years back when he'd been crowned king of Zephaniah. Her hair descended perfectly, falling just below her slim shoulders. Her skin was so pale. Almost the color of snow. Unlike Alejandro, her skin looked terribly unhealthy. Even though he hadn't seen a human in years, he knew that extremely pale skin was unattractive to humans. And the crimson red that flowed on her inner thighs created the perfect contrast against her blindingly white skin. The though of his long fingers tracing nonexistent shapes onto her skin, and his head wedged between her head and shoulder, tasting the rich blood that flowed in her veins made him hard. The poor human had not yet realized the presence of the man, but once she did, her bright eyes widened to the size of golf balls as she began to tremble. He felt tugs at his heart as the annoyingly loud voices of his demons spoke. But the words that came out from their mouths made him feel sick. 'Help mate. Must help.' Without thinking, Alejandro opened his mouth to speak, his rough voice creating a slow echo through the alleyway. "Come her baby, daddy's got you." -•-

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He Calls...