Scars to Remember ?...
By Vibrantly_sassy
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She was hiding from her past, She was fighting for her future. Her sins were deeper than her scars, Her soul was shattered like glass. She was the mystery of the woods‚ Wrapped in the enigma of chaos. Elena Cyril has been living in misery her whole life until she met him. To ignore him was impossible but to give in to her desires would thrust her and those around her into danger. But fate has taken hold of Elena and in order to protect those she loves, she had to embrace the more dangerous side of who and what she was. ---------------------------------- Please be advised that some of the content may not be suitable for younger audiences. There will be no explicit sex scenes, but some sexual content might still appear. There will also be profanity, and other mature themes that may be triggering to some. ***************************************** **Highest Ranks** 49 at werewolf 770 at romance

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Scars to...
by Vibrantly_sassy