You Belong To Me
By onarules
  • Fantasy
  • desire
  • hate
  • love
  • mate
  • pain
  • werewolf


Fiona Kortash, an alpha's daughter who has been guarded and hidden from the outside world ever since she found out who and what she is and what she is capable of doing. She didn't want her mate because of her past and finds out that she's mated to the son of the most ruthless alpha of the most powerful and feared pack and her childhood worst enemy. She changes her mind after a little convincing from her twin sister Fabiola and decides not to be mateless. He treats her terribly and makes her feel bad but that doesn't stop her from fighting for him until one day. Adrien Ryder Scotfield the hot playboy of the school and is the son of the most feared and powerful Alpha. He never wanted a mate but finds her and is and drawn immensely to be with her. She is the most beautiful girl he as ever seen but due to his fear of being tied down he avoids her and treats her like shit. He finds it cute and somewhat irritating at how she never gives up on him and how she keeps trying to get his attention not knowing she already had it. She stops wanting him when she catches him doing something a mate fears the most and he doesn't like it. It was her turn to avoid him and he hates it, she no longer cared and had decided to reject him and have a chosen mate. She doesn't understand why he all of a sudden wants her since he was the one begging and threathening her to leave him alone. Now that she has he starts to pester her and it annoys her because after all he was the one pushing her away. Why couldn't he just leave her alone?


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You Belon...
by onarules