Wrong Ties
By Oceaniax
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MATURE CONTENT "Are you sure this is a good idea" i panted as Noah trailed kisses down my neck up to my lips. "I'm not going to go far... i ... argh! Fuck Cassie i just need to At least taste you! He look at dead in my eyes waiting for my permission. My breathing gets faster and i nod yes slightly. He crashed his lips on to mine but broke it apart only after a few seconds. " i need you to say it, say i can make you feel pleasure" Noah says while looking hungrier than ever. I look up towards him, "Noah.. i...just do it!" With thats said our lips meet again, but this time the kiss was different, it was more passionate and. faster, i didn't know how to feel. I edited and change things up for this book. Description Cassie jones is a victim of constant sexual assault and a victim of bullying. Not untill she gets partnered up with Noah perkens for a project. And a former lover returns to town. This story is full of drama, lust, love and sex. Will Cassie jones survive? And will Noah save her? Or will Josh? #1 - Sad story


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Wrong Ties
by Oceaniax