Noble Academy
By PureDragonWolf
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Credits: 'MsChallenjour' for the amazing yet beautiful book cover and 'Daring2BeMe' for trying to edit the first few chapters of the book. Also, the tons of readers reading this. The Noble Academy has a group of people that are born with special abilities besides the other humans. They are called Elementals. These people are at the top of the school. So far, the known abilities are fire, water, earth and air. These people wear red cloaks and mask to protect their identities. What happens when there is a person that has all the abilities and more? Meet Winter Valentine. She knows what she is and she knows it must be kept as a secret. The elders of the Academy keep a close eye on her. Fearing that she can be a dangerous threat as she controls very strong powers. A dangerous power is approaching and not all the Elements can defeat them. They need Winter to fight with it but how can they do so if they don't know Winter? (It isn't fully edited. I wrote it when I was 14 so be aware it's probably not going to make a lot of sense) - 18 year old self


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Noble Aca...
by PureDragonWolf