The Immortal and th...
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On the outside, he's a good looking, young man with a penchant for history and a cool exterior. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll learn that Lawrence Herwy isn't exactly your normal twenty-something year old. In fact, he's not even twenty! Born around 1673, Lawrence grew up in Salem as the youngest son to a wealthy lawyer. Unable to inherit his father's wealth, a deal was struck with a business man. An arranged marriage with his daughter. Normally Lawrence wouldn't care about this, but when he met a woman that made his heart sing, he decided to ask his intended if he can marry her instead. Turns out telling a witch you don't want to marry her is a bad move, and the next thing Lawrence knows there is a rope around his neck as the people call him the warlock. Cursed by his old fiancée to live alone forever, Lawrence is unintentionally made immortal and must now watch as anyone who gets close to him dies or ends up turning their back on him. But when his hometown is struck by an evil sorcerer looking for revenge on all the supernatural that live there, Lawrence must travel back to Salem and save the very beings he despises. ----- Salem has since opened its doors to the mystical, allowing all sorts of strange beings into its boundaries. Will they be able to accept a cursed human who can't stand any sort of magic? Will they trust what he has to say about the evil that is plaguing the town? ----- This idea literally came to me while watching Hocus Pocus so we'll see how this goes.

(The Immortal and the Cursed)

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The Immor...
by Gamedays