The Curse Of Artemi...
By hunter-g-tyler
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Adara Artedon doesn't belong in any world - not the gods', not the humans', and not the demigods'. But that's expected when she's the daughter of not only the all-powerful Poseidon, but the 'maiden' Artemis, too. To top it off, she doesn't even get the mercy of being a goddess. She's somehow still mortal - after all, gods don't have DNA. So she travels the world, staying in each place for only a few days and hunting. But she's okay with it; she's found a home with in the wilderness, if it can be called a home when she has no permanent lodgings. But her peaceful life ends when she stumbles across Long Island, and discovers Camp Half-blood, the demigod camp. There, she feels strangely at home, but she doesn't get long to enjoy it. Because Artemis' curse is coming into play, and Adara has a choice; spending her last few days in comfort, or revoking the curse. But it's hardly a choice at all, because it's all or nothing, life or death.

The Curse Of Artemis

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The Curse...
by hunter-g-tyler