The Deal
By tamlaura1
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COVER MADE BY Lakshminambiar --------------------Blair Sherwin, twenty-five-year-old from Los Angeles works for a cosmetic's company. She comes from a wealthy family, is spoiled, and gets what she wants. What she wants is to own and run her own company and when the cosmetic company goes up for sale she decided to buy it. The problem is the present owner is a devoted family man and will only sell to someone who is married and in a loving relationship. Blair is willing to do whatever it takes to get her hands on the company, even if it means getting married. She comes up with a plan to find someone who will agree to be a temporary husband. She has the perfect man in mind, someone she knew from high school, Austin Cooke. He used to follow her around like a puppy dog, knowing he had a crush on her she could get him to do anything back then and suspected she still could. Back then he was one of those nerds, a straight A student and not much to look at. He was her best shot so she looked him up. Blair was in for a big surprise when she tracked him down, he had changed and she was going to find herself in deep water, her smarts and beauty will prove to be no match for Austin.

Chapter 1

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The Deal
by tamlaura1