Forgive Me | Kth FF
By SeokJinKim988
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"Taehyung please stop it! " He stopped pulling my hand and turned, now facing me. A smile appeared on his face, that boxy smile that I had once fell in love with. Once... "You called, love? " I cringed at the name. "Stop this, whatever it is you're doing and leave me alone! " His smile disappeared, leaving behind a frown. "Can't do that. " I sighed, "why? " "That boy you were talking with, he was looking at you in a way I didn't like. " I groan in frustration, "Taehyung for the last time, we're over! You have no right to control my life. I can talk to whomever I want and you can't stop me. " As I turned to leave, I was instantly held by my wrist. "I'm not letting you go. Why can't you understand that?!" "Let me remind you that the reason of our breakup was your actions. You cheated on me Taehyung." I reply. "That was a mistake! Jieun please believe me. " He whines. I scoff at his words, "this isn't the first time Taehyung. I've heard your pathetic apologies and excuses for too long, I'm sick of it. " {Short Chapters} Story idea by: @jamlessmochijimin Cover made by: @-pip-pop- Started: 3-11-2018 Ended: ~

~ I N T R O ~

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Forgive M...
by SeokJinKim988