Night Shift|TAEGI
By MuMu_LuLu
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Min Yoongi, a lonely little human. He wears glasses to hide his baby face. He has those sharp eyes, but once he takes off his glasses, he looks like a middle schooler. Everyone mistakes him for that. Not just for his height, but also his face. Yoongi needed money so he has applied for work at a very big Company called, Kvante. Yoongi signed up for any position, but he never knew he'll get the job that he NEVER wanted, aside from being a janitor.. A private Secretary of the boss.. . . Kim Taehyung. A divorced man. A player. Brings alot of women in his office. Cold, arrogant. Cold. Handsome. Cold. Ignorant. Selfish. Impatient. Rude. Never smiles, but smirks alot. Cold. . . . Along the way, Yoongi discovers secrets he never knew about his boss. . . . . "I fucked you. We didn't make love. I fucked you for pleasure. You aren't special. You are just like those other women I slept with." . . . . "Fine, if you'll sell me just like that, then fuck you." INSPIRED BY A MANGA BEGUN:10/14/19 ⓂⓂ🔞🔞🔞🔞⚠ ⚠ MATURE LANGUAGE! SMUT!


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Night Shi...
by MuMu_LuLu