Chasing Zero
By JacksonTerrance
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Life is full of positive and negative numbers. Everyone in a negative is striving for a positive number, and those in the positives fight hard to stay up there. Sometimes it prompts them to fall down into the negatives. But there is one number everyone forgets about. Zero. Not Spencer. No. Not once have they ever forgotten the number zero. That is where there is no happiness nor sadness. It's a tranquil place where one finds their inner peace. For as long as Spencer could remember, they have seen the world through numbers. There is one number they are striving towards. Zero. Living with a mother who doesn't understand what it means to be non-binary (and never tried to learn either), they've always felt alone in their home. Add in the fact that they never had many friends growing up, it was a lonely life for them. But there was one thing that always made Spencer feel better. Writing. Creating their own worlds, they could write as many friends and universes as they wanted to no longer feel alone. And wanting to be published so they can share their sense of comfort with the world, they continuously write in order to perfect their craft. And it soon pays off when their creative writing teacher makes a deal with them: if they can write an intriguing book before the end of the semester, she will send the book in to be published. The only problem? Every idea gets rejected. It was difficult to write a book that would appeal to a wide audience when every popular book seemed to hold some sort of romantic element to it. And Spencer never dated anyone before (nor had any desire to), so it wasn't easy to write it authentically. But when Sky, a boy in their acting class, begins to show an interest in them, they wonder if he will be able to help them gain the romantic experience needed in order to get published. Meeting him did cause them to believe their life would change for the better, but how much is good? Bad? And how long until someone ends up hurt?


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Chasing Z...
by JacksonTerrance