That Night In Vegas
By Write_4ever_
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What would you do if you woke up beside a man you drunkenly married in Vegas? Nicole Johnston is the type of girl that always plays by the rules until one drunken night when she went and married a man she had only met that night. Since then she has been trying to put the whole ordeal behind her. However, fate has a different plan as she finds out she is still married to the bad boy Jake Brown from all those years ago and the annulment had fallen through without either of them being informed. Leaving her doting fiancé behind to seek out the man who has been on her mind for eight years is the second most impulsive thing she has ever done. She jets off across the country to face the man she has thought about for all this time to find he is no longer the scruffy bad boy she remembered. What she finds is a powerful sexy looking pilot who causes the same raw sexual tension to flare up between them that has always been there. The more time she spends with Jake, the more she starts to wonder if her inability to let him go from her mind is actually just a need for closure or if there is more between them than she originally thought. As the weeks go on, the intense the sexual tension between them gets stronger and stronger and what happens when they find out everything they thought about their impulsive drunken wedding was actually a lie? With a husband on one side of the country and a fiancé on the other, the question everyone is asking, even Nicole, is who will she choose? *contains sexual content Top Ranks * #1 In #maturecontent {16/12/18} * #1 in #elope {12/01/19} *#1 in #trueloveneverdies {29/01/19} *#1 in #vegas {28/03/19} Awards: ~ 1st - Blue Rose Awards - Chicklit - December 2018 ~ Honourable mention - Earnesty Community Weekly Awards - Contest 31 (Reunion Time) ~ 3rd - Queen's Book Awards - February 2019

Chapter 1

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That Nigh...
by Write_4ever_