The Familiar Leathe...
By cackerlovesu
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Lucille Smith- AKA Lucy. It has been four years since Lucy met the people she now calls her family. She has been seperated from her husband for 1,657 days. She was only with him for three days after the initial outbreak. Her husband Negan and her were on vacation in Atlanta when the dead started eating the living. It was supposed to be their final trip before they became a family of three but instead it became their worst nightmare. Lucy was Eight months pregnant with hers and Negan's little girl. Lucy has bright baby blue eyes, Dark Auburnish hair and a total of three tattoos. She is five foot three inches tall and she weighs approximatley a hundred and seventy five pounds and she is thirty three years old Annastasia Grace Smith- AKA Anna. Four years old. She has shoulder length dirty blonde hair and the same hazel eyes as her father. She is sweet and soft spoken, similar to how her mother was once apon a time.


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The Famil...
by cackerlovesu