Vangsvere Academy
By Devils_Assasin
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"I don't want to be the chosen one Aunt Jo. All I want is to be able to sneak around with hot boys and listen to my friends gossip. Fighting for my life was never in my contract." The day Annalise DragoŇ° was born, she was hunted by the darkest vampire known to exist, Israfel Nysrough. After being taken into hiding for nineteen years, she's finally ready to be introduced to the Vampire world. After being in Vangsvere Academy for a month, a lot of things that Anne and her friends didn't expect to happen, have happened. It's all new to her, from the secrets and lies of her past, to the dead crows slamming into her window. Oh, and of course the mystery voice that continues to menace her mind. Anne's just trying to get past this first year alive and in love. Not that easy though when every week contains something new, and every month is full of funerals and loss. {18+ CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT, MATURE LANGUAGE, GORE AND HORROR}


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by Devils_Assasin