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By merrywombat
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/********* This version of Obsidian Oracle takes place in the Obsidian Door continuity, which has been scrapped. Do not expect further updates, although I enjoy the Obsidian Door continuity, so I'm going to try to figure out somewhere to use it. *******/ Ceryr rules as Alpha of IronMoon, a strange Wyvern King from a world beyond the Tides and even before Earth itself. His love for Gianna has shattered worlds, minds, and souls, and for it, Earth is his prison. Gianna, the Balance-Keeper, freed the Comet and Seneschal from their endless dance, except Ceryr was supposed to be a werewolf, not the Wyvern King from Beyond The Tides. She has no idea who sired the pup she carries, if there will even be a world left for it to inherit, or if it is even a pup at all. Luna Adrianna of SableFur marches her army deeper into IronMoon. She will claw her revenge for her mate's death from Gianna's bones, pick her teeth with the Wyvern King's scales, and crown herself Queen.

Warning & Summary Of Events

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by merrywombat