My Haunted Heart
By autumn_raine18
  • Paranormal
  • afterdeath
  • afterlife
  • army
  • ghost
  • ghostlylove
  • hearache
  • heartbreak
  • loss
  • lost
  • lostlove
  • lostsouls
  • lovestory
  • romance
  • separation
  • soulmates
  • supernatural
  • truelove


In life he was a good son, an idolised big brother, a best friend, an army grunt. He served his country and he made the ultimate sacrifice, dying on the battle field. She lived a fast paced life in the city, working hard, partying harder. After a cheating boyfriend and best friend who had sex with said boyfriend, she decided it was time to move on. A beautiful house in a small town in Montana. The walls of the old run down house seemed to hold many stories. Memories of the lives and laughter, loves and loss of people long gone. They seem to be whispered from the walls and from the photos she finds in the basement. ---------- Covered in grim she is determined to clear out this old basement. Her logic when deciding on a game plan for renovating the run down, character filled house, that she fell instantly in love with at first sight, was to start at the bottom and work upwards. It seemed like logic that would make Spock himself proud but after five hours digging out old suitcases, cardboard boxes and bin liners, filled with other peoples unwanted tat and she was seriously questioning her choice. Making herself do just one more thing before soaking in the claw footed copper bathtub upstairs that was calling her name, she attempted to get rid of a very unstable looking book case. Made flimsy from decades worth of age, a shocked cry is pulled from her by something falling from it. What ever it is is heavy enough to knock her to the ground with a thud. Blinking up to see particles of dust filling the already dusty room, swirling around and choking her. Coughing and blinking she tries to dispel the ones lodging in her eyes and chest. Rolling over to she the offending item that tackled her, she finds an old tattered canvas bag. Stunned for a moment just taking in the bold black lettering, before her hand gently runs across them and her soft pink lips whispers them out to the empty house. 'US Army: Property of Coporal Daniel Stevenson: Bravo Co'.

Synopsis (My Haunted Heart)

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My Haunte...
by autumn_raine18