Fall For Me
By emilyann-
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Completed - He had me pinned against the wall outside of his dorm late at night. He was staring down at me angrily. I was confused to say the least. "Are you okay, Jackson?" "No," He shook his head. "Pissed." I was about to ask why but then he continued. "I'm supposed to be a player, Jaycee." He groaned. "But here you are, fucking making me fall for you." What had I done to make him fall for me? Then he smashed his lips onto mine. ~•~ Jaycee was smart, she accepted that. She wasn't the prettiest (in her own eyes) but she accepted that. She was quiet and sweet, she accepted that. What she didn't accept? Someone to be disrespectful toward her. Jackson isn't very intelligent, he accepted that. He was gorgeous, he definitely accepted that. He was loud and obnoxious, he accepted that. What he didn't accept? Someone to reject him. When these two cross paths, it's like Mother Nature was asking for love, hate, loss, betrayal, etc. ••• reached #5 on Teen Fiction May 4th 2015


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Fall For...
by emilyann-