By Natasha_Sapienza
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I quickly tossed the bags in a bin by the counter as Chris did the same, and then turned to leave. "Wait," he said. I halted, my heart beginning to pound, and then slowly faced him. He stepped forward, his deep, brown eyes rapt on me. And without any more warning, he took my face in his hands and pressed his supple lips against mine. My muscles tensed and I froze. Is this really happening right now? I closed my eyes, even though doing so felt like a crime. His kiss held much of the same weakening effect it had on me last time, but anxiety combated some of it. The fear of getting hurt again gripped me just as much as his kiss did. After a very long moment he released me. "I really like you, Natasha...a lot." I blinked at him, my tongue still frozen. Thoughts fumbled around my mind in a drunken stupor despite having not drank. Did he just say-but how-I thought he-Heat filled my cheeks as I smiled. Maybe now isn't the time to process Chris's antics. He returned the gesture. But surprisingly, it wasn't that pleased/amused smile. It was...different. It looked tender, genuine... --- "You scared me," I said. "I'm sorry." Dace slid his hands onto my hips and kissed me. I caressed the back of his head, my heartbeat slowing as I pressed my body closer to his. His warm torso felt like stone. I pulled back and peered into his eyes. "There's something so mystical about you." Dace stared with a passion that seared into the depths of me. "Mystical? How so?" "Just the way you move or don't move. There's a charm about you that I've never seen before." ---- The Phantom Lover, the Dark Angel, and the Dream Prince. My name is Natasha, and this is my true, supernatural love story.

You should know...(Author's Note)

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by Natasha_Sapienza