A Thief for a Bride
By Ladylight91
  • Adventure
  • baby
  • betrayal
  • end
  • escape
  • italy
  • london
  • manison
  • marriage
  • prison
  • raven
  • secrets
  • surprise
  • theives
  • thieves


Genevieve Simone knows she faces certain death when she and her 'family' attempt to steal from a powerful duke. When he offers her a chance to save herself and the others from the gallows she immediately accepts all the while wondering why he would save someone like her. When Desmond La Croix finds he has nearly been robbed by eight thieves his first thought is to have them all hanged. But when one of them turns out to be more than they seem, a plan starts to form in Desmond's head that just might keep him and his secrets out of danger. But when his plans for revenge go awry he realizes there are advantages to having a thief for a bride.

Thief for a Bride (Excerpt)

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A Thief f...
by Ladylight91