The House Of Bloody...
By Jan-Jan2000
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"So, what do you think?" I heard Jingam's voice as I glanced over my shoulder, finding him standing behind me. He regarded me a soft smile that I returned innocently. "What did I think of what, lord Jingam?" "The garden, of course." He said, lifting his eyes as he surveyed the scenery with me. I brought my gaze back to the view before me. "It's wonderful. Lotus is my favorite flower and it's my family's crest." "I know." Said Jingam softly, he lowered himself, taking the space beside me. "That's why I had them planted. This used to be a koi pond, but I thought it'd be a nice surprise for whenever you come to visit again. I just didn't think it'll take you five long years to come back." "Lord Jingam." I feign my overwhelmed enthusiasm. "Don't tell me you had the pond converted into lotus garden especially for me?" "Why of course. There's nothing more I want than to see my little bird happy." My little bird? The delight wiped away from my eyes and my smile faded. I couldn't hide the surprise that came over me when he used the word my. The smile on Jingam's cheeks wiped away when he noticed my surprise. "Didn't you know?" I shook my head, "didn't know what?" "Has your brother not told you?" That very phrase turned my ears numb. Yuanji is filled with tricks and surprises. Of course, my brother would not tell me anything. "Eldest brother likes keeping me in the dark. I'm afraid, I don't know what's going on." "I promised your brother I'll marry you as soon as you're at marrying age. Your brother can be quite persistent. He brought you here to be my wife."

The House of Beautiful Lotus

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The House...
by Jan-Jan2000