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Sophie is a twenty-three year old, veterinarian to the world, but when she's alone, she can't understand what keeps happening to her. From being able to speak to being able to wake up when she has to pee all the way to not crying over things she has pegged as stupid, it is all a struggle for her. She thinks that maybe she is messed up or weird. Maybe it is hormones or puberty. Jessica is a twenty-four year old daycare worker to the world. Behind closed doors she has a life that she has labeled as insane. She thinks that it is possibly her work life funneling into her home life, but she can't always stop it. Every girlfriend that she has ever dated, would run when Jessica would be herself. She would think she was being helpful, sweet, or just plainly sexual, but nobody understood what she was doing. Then she explores the internet and talks to some people at work. Suddenly, it makes since. She just can't seem to find a little. Then she happens to meet Sophie. If you don't like the things in the book don't read it. I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior to my characters, readers, me, or the lifestyles practiced in the book. Thank you. WARNING THERE IS; CURSING SEX MDLG AGEPLAY SELF DISCRIMINATION ABDL BDSM ETC.

One; Phone Calls Galore

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