Two Halves Make One...
By DreamingShapeShifter
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Count Dracula has a great family and great friends, making his afterlife pretty good. But, something- or rather, someone, is still missing. He may have found his first love, Martha, centuries ago, but his undead heart still misses her. And Drac, no matter how hard he tries, just can't seem to find someone new. That is, until he steps foot on the cruise ship Legacy. Y/N L/N is a hard-working, determined, caring, gentle, and funny young woman. She is a songwriter/singer and she uploads videos she makes online. While she says that she's fine, her family still thinks that she is overworked. So they book her and some of her friends a cruise trip. However, they all don't know that this is a cruise ship full of monsters. (Takes place in a different time line of Hotel Transylvania 3. )

ExCUsE mE?!

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Two Halve...
by DreamingShapeShifter