Vices X Virtues (AW...
By HopelessPen
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||RATED R|| Scenes may not be suitable for very young and innocent audiences. Phoebe Madrigal has a dark past na gustong gusto na niyang takbuhan. When she was in Germany, she met a man whose lifestyle is beyond average. Tall and gorgeously handsome, Sandro Montreal is a living gift to all women, and thus Phoebe fell for him. But Sandro never believed in love. Sandro never wanted anything to do about love. But Phoebe is persistent. She left everything and joined Sandro into the darkness. She turned her virtue into vice. And in the end it was not worth it because Sandro left her when his first love came back.. Now, after playing hide and seek, Phoebe is now under Sandro's mercy because of unavoided circumstances, and that way, the DOMINANT and the SUBMISSIVE had their reunion.

Vices X Virtues

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Vices X V...
by HopelessPen