He Loves Me Not
By briette_lol101
  • Romance
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  • cheat
  • cheater
  • divorce
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  • ex-wife
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  • mistake
  • mistress
  • revenge
  • sad
  • strongfemale


Adeline Fox thought she was living the perfect life for a 25 year old. She has the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect husband... Or so she thought. After being married for 3 years she receives the best news of their life. But in the end she also ends up receiving the worst news of her life. She remembers as she saw him pack his things and mutter 2 words. I'm Done. And just like that he disappears. Leaving her alone. 4 years later and her husband finally accepts his mistakes. And has only one goal. To win the heart of his wife back. But the woman who he married and fell in love with many years ago is no longer the woman she is now. She moved on, and forgot about the monster who left her for another. And while he is ready to try to rekindle the fire they once had. She is ready to smother and kill the fire they had once and for all. "Can't you see Theo?" Adeline asked, as she turned to him. Furious. "You can't save someone who is already dead."


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He Loves...
by briette_lol101