At Your Service {Th...
By kanatheshipper
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its just a book i decided to make just for fun :) Beautiful faces, fantastic reputation,elegant clothing, designer school bags, and has a private chauffeur to drive your family limousine to school. It's no question why the Arisugawa triplets are crowned as the princesses of Hakurei Private Junior High School. Being the school princess is not as dreamy as it sounds. Being worshipped and looked up to by all the students at school, sometimes they tend to over exaggerate leaving the girls with no friends. No friends and strict parents that won't let them leave the mansion without a guardian accompanying them. Life was boring and lonely at the mansion as for the three "Princesses" until....three young boys started to work as butlers at their mansion. Will something interesting happen? Would your life get better or worse when three good looking boys start to serve you every day? Started:22 September 2018 Completed: - - - TO BE EDITED Updates randomly but mostly on weekends but not daily :)

đź‘‘The Princessesđź‘‘

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At Your S...
by kanatheshipper