Lessons in Rule Bre...
By Anika_Ann_M
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Various Reader-Inserts Steve Rogers x Reader. LESSONS IN RULE BREAKING →As a college student, you have a part-time job - you work at the counter desk in Smithsonian museum in the still relatively new exposition. The Captain America's one. You knew you could get in trouble when breaking the no-newcomers-after-30-minutes-before-the-closing-time rule, but you didn't expect the trouble to look like this. IN THE STRANGEST PLACE (WE JUST MIGHT FIND LOVE) →You're hiding from your boss in a supply closet, minding your own business, when a stranger joins you unexpectedly. This is not a beginning of a steamy story; given the reason you're hanging out in the dark, even a make-out session is honestly the last thing you want to fantasize about right now. But that doesn't mean that the nice man cannot make your day better. NO APOLOGIES NEEDED →She did it again. Your friend left you alone in the bar only to make-out with a guy she just met. So the plan is to go home. Except things rarely go as planned. Then again, this change of plans in the form of a handsome stranger seems rather pleasant. Until it doesn't. SURPRISE ME →Thanks to your friend, you got a job as a P.A. to a director she often works with. With a little help from lady fortune, you actually ended up on set... where Captain America's PSAs for school kids are being filmed. So... the chances are that you're gonna screw up, especially when interacting with Captain Rogers himself. To be fair, it's not your fault the lines are so funny. THE LINE BETWEEN RESPECTFUL AND STUPID →You heard a lot about the famous Captain America - he was a living legend after all, stories about him whispered in the halls of SHIELD at every corner. Being one of the newest recruits turned-agents, you didn't expect to meet the man personally though. And you definitely didn't expect to find out that there was more to the man than his shield and the alleged stick shoved up his ass. HUG IT OUT JUST A HUMAN THE BEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE

Dear Reader aka Master List

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Lessons i...
by Anika_Ann_M