Kidnapped - Kassie'...
By Freyaskuse
  • Horror
  • abuse
  • antihero
  • badboy
  • collar
  • goodgirl
  • kidnap
  • kidnapped
  • master
  • murder
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  • nasty
  • possesive
  • psycho
  • scary
  • thriller
  • torture


Warning this story contains strong language and references to rape. Nothing graphic, but just warning you. Enjoy! My name is Kassie Dudding and I have been kidnapped. Truth be told, I could almost see it coming, but I was so desperate to get away from my abusive mum that i wasn't thinking straight. Maybe it was because I already wanted to commit suicide. I don't know what it was, but i regret it all so much now. This is a fate worse than death. ________________________________________ 'That day he didn't tourtue me physically, it was all in my brain. That was the worst type of torture, knowing that I was doing this to myself that it was all in my head, and I couldn't do anything about It' The worst betrayal, when you turn on yourself. ________________________________________ That's when I felt a subtle voice in my ear whisper blankly, "This is what happens to girls who don't behave." He paused for a moment before continuing, "But you're not going to disappoint me, are you? Because girls who dissapoint me end up like this, and we don't want you to end up like this do we?" So he wasn't going to kill me, sneaky shit. Then I took a closer look at the carvings engraved on the middle of the headstones and a very cliche shiver was sent down my spine, it read: Here lies Amelia, my first and my only, my every waking moment will be thinking about you and for every moment we are seperated my heart clenches in desperation to hold you in my arms once more. No description was given for the loss of Tilly, just her name engraved on a shabby peice of stone. So this was where the famous Amelia laid, a pang of guilt and sympathy raced through my heart for the other girls who died years before me, Amelia and Tilly. Part of me hoped that I would never have to lay in that half heartedly dug grave clearly set out for my death. But a different part of me was desperate to join them.

Chapter 1

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by Freyaskuse