Friend Zoned [Taehy...
By BTSFanfic149
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"I have a girlfriend!!" He yelled in happiness. I smiled and nodded. "Congrats Tae...!" I yelled, he smiled, but his smile disappeared when he saw tears falling from my eyes.. "Minseo? what's wrong?" He asked, confused but sad. "T-Tae...hyung..." I said in sobs. His eyes sadden, his happy moods were now gone. "I... I have a s-secret to tell you... t-that I've hidden... f-from you..." I said, making him look down. "I like you Taehyung, I like you!" I yelled as tears fell down my face. I ran out of school, out of sight. - I came back to school 2 weeks later to open my locker and see an envelope. It was from... Taehyung. Tears filled my eyes as I read the letter. "I'm sorry, but I love you as a friend..." Highest Rank: [#2]


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Friend Zo...
by BTSFanfic149