The Bonds Undone (S...
By smaoineamh
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Imalroc, the formerly enslaved battleboxer, is now free and ready to take charge of a very risky rebellion. Along the way, he has to decide if he can again trust the man he once loved and risk losing his freedom and the will to fight for it. ***** Imalroc has tasted sweet freedom at last, and he is not about to let it out of his sight, even if it means leaving his burgeoning love with the huntmaster behind. He is determined to join the takedown of Queen Kuraya and soon steps into leadership in the Advocate's rebel army. In no time, Imalroc is one of the army's bravest and most admired officers. However, when Rerdas, who is helping his family escape to the South, unexpectedly takes refuge in Imalroc's camp--the two are pulled into an even stronger war of the heart--one that complicates their fight against the ruthless and vengeful Kuraya. [[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]] Cover designed by Ren Tachibana

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The Bonds...
by smaoineamh