The Skylar Experime...
By NoppityNope666
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---Book of the Month 2018 winner in the sci-fi category from awardofthemonth2018--- ---1st place winner in teen fic Writer's Circle Awards by concinnitycircle--- A/N: This book is action-packed with a sprinkle of mystery all wrapped in a science-fiction teen drama! I know. It's quite a mouthful. Cue the summary! *** Skylar is born with predetermined odds against her. She's been isolated since birth from her true nature and her peers in the name of an experiment. Convinced she goes under the name Riley; she believes nothing else outside of the globally accepted creatures exist on this planet. Higher powers intend to let her bask in deceit with loving, adoptive parents. A change of plans cause them to order her relocation to Oakwood, a microscopic town swarming with mutants like her. They silently follow her journey as "Riley" is confronted to strange locals, a boy that hates her guts and nightmarish monsters lurking around her house. Throughout the series, she slowly but surely discovers truths about herself she could never fathom... and that there is a daunting trap waiting to snap. One life. One experiment. Endless lies. Some cussing and violent imagery invovled. No explicit sex scenes or smut. THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK OF A SERIES AND IT GETS PROGRESSIVELY DARKER 😈 Disclaimer : My story is inspired from Jennifer Armentrout's series Lux (basically, credits to her because this wouldn't exist otherwise). There are many differences but also several similarities. The plot isn't centered the same, either way. I just have fun writing and twisting up my favorite elements.

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The Skyla...
by NoppityNope666