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By Xx_Lily-Dragneel_xX
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So if you didn't read the annoucment in the previous I am Damaged book, I'm re-writing this book, I have some ideas and I thought it'd be best to start off fresh. Lucy Heartfilia was 6 when she lost her mother, 10 when she lost her best friend, and 14 when she was neglected by her father. She believes that if she ignores everyone, her life will be peaceful. But she's sadly mistaken. The school she attends, Fairy Tail Prep, is full of people that don't like her and they aren't coy about it. After three years of bullying and neglect, she shuts everyone out, minus her cousin Aquarius. But that all changes when a prison inmate joins her school at an attempt for a fresh new start. WARNING-MENTIONS OF SUICIDE, VULGAR LANGUAGE, AND SOME SMUT. FAIRY TAIL AND ITS CHARACTERS ALL BELONG TO HIRO MASHIMA! I ONLY OWN THE STORY LINE OF THIS BOOK!!


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I am Dama...
by Xx_Lily-Dragneel_xX