Sitting at the Righ...
By LouderThanHe1l
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"I'm making you nervous I see." He smirked. "Well I wouldn't give you the satisfaction of me saying yes but I am growing quite uncomfortable with you looking at me for so long." I said trying to keep my voice steady and assertive. "You'll have to get used to it. We'll be spending plenty of time together. You know why?" he said with his hand still on my chin. "Because you'll be examining all of us?" I said in a small voice as he stood from his seat. I couldn't tell by his sudden action whether or not he was upset with my answer, but my fear somehow melted away as he bent down from behind me to whisper in my ear, "No. Because I've selected you to help me make those decisions." This story is going to be following the characters from AHS Apocalypse along with my own character, Ezralee Jimenez. Therefore she is the only one I own. I'll talk more about how this book will work in an author's note before the first chapter. I hope you enjoy! FYI: @KatherineCeleste6080 has published a spanish version of my book, go check it out!

Author's Note

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Sitting a...
by LouderThanHe1l