I Hate You (girlxgi...
By chickensarerad
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This is a girlxgirl story. June Parker absolutely hated Adrienne Andrews. She's hated her ever since Adrienne pushed her down the stairs in the second grade, ratted her out for cheating on a history test in the fourth, and especially when she stole the deserving title of volleyball captain from her. Adrienne Andrews absolutely hated June Parker. She always thought she was a self-entitled blonde that always got what she wanted. Plus, she's been out to get Adrienne ever since she accidentally pushed her off the stairs in the second grade. Now, June Parker has it out for her ever since she was named the girl's volleyball captain. So when a weird encounter happens at a party, it brings the two together in cute, awkward situations that'll end the long-standing feud between each other. A comedic love story about two girls that once hated each other will result in drama, laughs, and a lot of bickering.

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I Hate Yo...
by chickensarerad